Personalised Story Book When I Grow Up


When grandpa came to pick “Name” up from school one afternoon, there was great excitement after a special visitor inspired a brilliant afternoon of fun and dressing up. When I grow up is a story that will help children to imagine themselves living any future life they want.
When I Grow Up, wonderfully personalised book for children, fantastic literary aid for new readers, hesitant readers and any with reading difficulties. Beautifully written  and illustrated personalised book dealing with gender stereotypes. Create a gender, race and ethnic specific personalised book as a beautiful personalised adventure.

Parents and children alike will love reading this book together, all about an afternoon adventure involving the whole family and that favourite childhood pastime of dressing up and using their imagination to picture themselves in any role they like.
Gender stereotypes can be difficult to overcome but this delightful adventure will act as one positive stepping stone into a future without limits.



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